The following video is a brief introduction to setting up your first portfolio. The first step is to create a portfolio using the Add Portfolio item located in the main toolbar. We’ll skip setting up a broker for now and just configure a name and currency for the portfolio.

Next we’ll add an initial deposit to the portfolio to fund subsequent trading. We do this by expanding the portfolio to reveal the list of cash accounts. After selecting the account Cash, we’ll add a transaction by clicking the Add Transaction item in the main toolbar.

Now that we have cash, we’ll go back to our portfolio and add a stock. Clicking the Add Instrument item in the main toolbar brings up a panel that allows adding various types of securities. In this example, we’ll add Apple (AAPL) and move on. Double clicking the security in the list view takes you to the stock-centric layout that shows details for the selected stock. To add trades to this position, click the Add Transaction item in the main toolbar. The panel that slides out allows you to add and edit various types of trades.

Repeat these steps to continue building your portfolios. You can also use one of the import methods to quickly populate portfolio positions. If your broker(s) supports the Open Financial eXchange (OFX) interface, you can configure Portfolio mobile to automatically retrieve new trades on a regular basis to avoid having to manually enter data.