Welcome to the Portfolio mobile for Mac User Guide.  This guide will be updated periodically to reflect changes to the interface and new features.  If you can’t find information related to a specific topic, please visit our online forums or contact support via email.


Portfolio mobile for Mac is setup to present all of your holdings in an easily accessible interface.  The main window uses a master / detail layout where major groupings of your data or application function are displayed on the left and details related to the current selection are displayed on the right.

Below you’ll notice that specific types of information are grouped together.  Portfolios, Watchlists and Categories are examples of these.  At the top, several other areas are organized under the Library heading.  Each of the displayed items can be selected to reveal specific data in the remaining window area.


Look closely and you’ll notice that portfolios have a disclosure triangle drawn to their left.  This indicates that more options exist in sublevels below the portfolio.  Reveal these options by clicking the disclosure triangle so that it appears in the downward direction.

Every portfolio contains a sub-item called “Instruments.”  This view exists to allow you to view larger sets of positions without the Dashboard / Performance / Distribution views that are typically displayed when viewing a portfolio.

Below each portfolio you will also find a list of all Cash Accounts connected to this portfolio.  Cash Accounts are useful for tracking any number of cash-equivalent investments including money market accounts, insurance policies, etc.  Every Portfolio has one account that is designated it’s default.  This account is used to support trading activity and will be credited and debited for all trading that occurs in the portfolio.

Advanced users may note that on other platforms, Portfolio mobile allows them to assign individual positions to specific cash accounts.  This feature is supported during calculation on the Mac but no interface exists for assigning these accounts.