Watchlists are groups of position-less securities.  Unlike portfolios, you cannot add trade activity to securities in a watchlist.  In order to add trading activity to a position, you must first move it to a portfolio.

The Watchlists tab lists all of your Watchlists and their associated securities.


In landscape orientation the app will show you a list of all watchlists on the left side with stocks for the selected watchlist on the right.  To select a watchlist, tap the list on the left side, or select it from the Watchlists popup menu accessible from the tab bar.  In portrait orientation, you will only see stocks for the selected watchlist; navigating between watchlists is best accomplished using the popup menu accessible by tapping the Watchlists tab bar item (shown below).

Watchlist View

The Watchlist View presents the list of equities tracked for the selected watchlist. These instruments can be displayed in list, heatmap, and grid view (grid blocks show quote and recent price history).  Display options are set in the main toolbar along the side of the screen.

  • List: Shown in other sections of this User Guide, this layout is convenient for larger stock groups.
  • Grid: Shown above, this layout presents more information and is effective for smaller groups of stocks.  Price history for the stock is charted in the grid block background once it has been downloaded.
  • Heat Map: Shown in other sections of this User Guide, heat maps are a useful tool for identifying trends across groups of stocks.

Look to the main toolbar along the side of the screen for configuration options for the selected watchlist, to add new watchlists and to configure certain view options including what type of data is shown when listing positions.

Watchlist Settings

Tap the edit icon in the main toolbar to show the Watchlist Settings Panel.  This panel organizes settings related to the selected watchlist as well as View Settings that may pertain to the viewing of this watchlist (View Settings preference items are app-wide).  Use this view to change the watchlist’s name or convert it into a portfolio.

Adding Watchlists

Watchlists can be added by tapping the “+” icon in the main toolbar  or by selecting “Add Watchlist…” from the Watchlists popup menu accessible from the tab bar.

Savvy users can double tap the list of watchlists to add a new one.

Removing Watchlists

Watchlists can be deleted by selected the watchlist and tapping the delete (trash can) item in the main toolbar.

Savvy users can swipe across the watchlist list to delete watchlists.