To access app settings, tap the Settings tab bar item located at the far right of the main tab bar at the bottom of the screen.  (You may have to swipe the tab bar to the left to reveal the Settings tab bar item.)

Setting items are grouped for convenient access – the list along the left side of the view lists these groupings.  You’ll notice that all preference setting groups related to Views are listed under the View Settings header.  Select a setting group by tapping it.  All settings for that group will appear on the right side of the view.


Portfolio mobile backs up your data every time you exit the app.  Redundant backups are useful in case of data corruption or accidental deletion.  The Databases settings area shows a list of all backups.  Backup file names are appended with the date of the backup.  At most one backup is kept per day – if you launch the app multiple times during a day, the backup will contain the data from the most recent app exit.  To restore a backup, tap the target backup in the list.

Default Services

Portfolio mobile supports a variety of services for retrieving chart, news and quote data.  In the Default Services setting area you will find configuration options for establishing which services should be used by default when creating new instruments.  These options are useful for overriding chart and news services for stocks tracked on a quote services that does not support charts or news.


The General settings area contains configuration items for default currency, accounting method and security.  The default currency is selected when adding new portfolios, as well as, when calculating performance totals for multiple portfolios or categories.  The security features of the app include password protection.


Portfolio mobile provides a dedicated tab for accessing common market indices.  The app comes preconfigured with over a dozen indices from around the world.  The Indices settings area is used to add, edit or remove market indices.


The Log area shows app system log that includes notations for events such as quote retrieval, detailed error reporting and other app events that may be useful for support issues.

News Feeds

Portfolio mobile provides a dedicated tab for market news.  Unlike stock-specific news, this area is meant for market-wide feeds to help you stay on top of current events.  The News Feeds settings area allows you to add, edit and remove any RSS-compatible news feed to be displayed in the News tab.


Several features require a account.  The account can be freely registered for at  These features include free web backup, access to your portfolio data from any browser and sharing of feature subscriptions across devices.  The Online settings area consists of configuration settings for entering your username and password.


The Quotes settings area gives you control over how often and, under what circumstances, Portfolio mobile retrieves new quote data.  These configuration items control manual, automatic and streaming quote updates.


Portfolio mobile provides advanced technical charting features including over a dozen configurable technical indicators and overlays, custom line drawing and history inspection.  Technical chart templates are reusable chart suites that can be conveniently applied to any stock.  The Templates settings area allows you to add, edit and remove chart suite templates, including adding and editing specific technical indicators.


View Settings

The various view settings groups comprise options for how Portfolio mobile organizes and displays your data.  You will find a variety of preference items grouped by their respective views.  The General settings area (pictured above) includes several app-wide settings items that are of particular importance including configuration of scrolling tickers and numeric precision.  Numeric precision settings are used when displaying numbers in the application and correspond to the number of digits shown after the decimal point.

Comprehensive Views

The Portfolio and Stock settings areas each contain a notable setting item for configuring view layout, the comprehensive view setting.  When enabled, comprehensive layout places more data on screen at a single time.  For example, comprehensive layout of stock data will show quote, performance, trades, news and charts simultaneously in subviews organized across available screen space.  Each subview can be expanded to occupy the entire screen.


The Theme settings area allows configuration of background coloring.  While you can set any color or gradient for the app background, we advise using darker colors as all text labels are designed for light on dark color schemes.