Broker Connect is what we call our Open Financial eXchange (OFX) import interface.  OFX is an interface specification for connecting to financial institutions supporting various account types including brokerage investment accounts. Through this interface, our apps can download recent trade activity and positions from your account so that you don’t have to manually enter trade information.

OFX support varies greatly among brokers.  Large brokers including TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, Fidelity and more provide this interface to their customers.  We cannot guarantee that your broker provides this interface.


In order to access account information at your broker, our apps must present a series of institution-specific identifiers. Without these values, financial institutions deny any incoming requests, preventing our apps from retrieving account data.

Portfolio mobile attempts to make the configuration process as painless as possible by searching for the appropriate settings automatically. Our apps search which maintains a repository of the OFX settings for most financial institutions.

When adding a portfolio, select Broker from the tab on the left side of the panel.  Next, type in the name (or part of the name) of your broker.  Then tap the ‘Search’ button.

Portfolio mobile will search for matching brokers at and display a list of any hits.  Select a broker from the list by tapping it.  If your broker is not listed in the search results you can try expanding your search by only providing part of the name.

Not all brokers support OFX.

After selecting the broker you need to provide your username, account number and password for your brokerage account.  Your username and password are typically the same as those used when logging onto the brokers website.  Your account number is typically the same as displayed on your broker statement.

Username, account number and password may be different depending on the broker.  For example, TD Ameritrade account holders should also provide their username in the account number field. Please contact your broker if you cannot determine the correct values.


Broker Data

While the OFX standard allows brokers to return all of the trade history for your account, typically brokers only return 90 days of history as well as current balances.

Portfolio mobile cannot use current balances to fill in your trade history but will use them to discover where you may have missing trade history.

Due to this limitation, it is likely that entry of older trade history will be necessary for many users. To simplify this process we provide a comma-separated values (CSV) import interface in our web portal.  You can find addition information about the import export interface in these guides.



Care should be taken before entering your account credentials into any application. We understand your concern and have taken steps to protect you and your financial data.  You can learn more about our security policies and how we protect your data in these guides.