Welcome to the Portfolio mobile for iPad User Guide.  This guide will be updated periodically to reflect changes to the interface and new features.  If you can’t find information related to a specific topic, please visit our online forums or contact support via email.


iPad Orientation

Portfolio mobile for iPad makes effective use of screen space by reorganizing views dynamically based on screen orientation.  You will find that many views show additional information when your device is positioned in landscape orientation.  Portfolio, watchlist and category views, for example, display a list of available items on the left side when oriented in landscape.


App Navigation

The iPad interface has several important features including a multi-purpose tab bar at the bottom of the screen, a context-sensitive toolbar along the side of the screen and scrolling tickers.

Tab Bar

The tab bar separates major app organizational views allowing you to quickly access various types of data no matter what you’re doing.  In addition to separating content, the tab bar has some special functionality that is described below.

  • Tapping a tab item will take you to the corresponding view for that functionality.  For example, tapping the Portfolios tab item will take you to your portfolios.
  • When viewing stock details, you can tap the tab item to return to the parent view.  For example, if you are viewing stock details for a stock inside of portfolio Investing, tap the Portfolios tab item to return to the list of portfolios.
  • In certain circumstances, the available screen space is not adequate for all of the tab items to be shown simultaneously.  In these cases, you can swipe the tab bar from side to side to reveal additional items.
  • After selecting a tab, tapping a second time will show a popup list of available items.  For example, when viewing a portfolio in portrait orientation, it is more convenient to access the list of portfolios by tapping the Portfolios tab item than rotating the device to landscape orientation.

The main toolbar is the central location for accessing controls for the various app views.  The options available change based on what you are viewing.  For instance, when viewing a stock you may have the ability to configure it’s settings, mark it as a favorite or modify technical chart settings all depending on what type of content you are currently viewing.  You will also find that certain view preferences can be changed in the toolbar, allowing for faster view customization. For you convenience, the toolbar can be relocated to either side of the screen depending on your preferences.  To switch the toolbar to the opposite side of the screen, simply tap the hand icon that appears at the bottom of the toolbar.


Scrolling tickers show all instruments added to the market indices and news sections respectively.  You can have tickers shown at the top or bottom of the screen, or not at all.  These settings can be updated using the toolbar item that appears next to the tickers or in the app settings under General View Settings.