Import a CSV file

CSV files can be exported by applications such as Excel and Numbers. These files represent tabular data by separating columns and rows, by commas and newlines respectively. This import tool requies that your data contain a specific set of columns (with headers) in order to import.

This format is only valid for importing here in this online tool. If you are using one of our new application versions, you'll need to follow the format outlined our support section.

The following is a list of supported columns:
  • Portfolio - Name of portfolio
  • Portfolio Currency - Currency of portfolio
  • Is Watchlist - Is this portfolio a watchlist
  • Account - Name of cash account for cash transaction
  • Symbol - Ticker symbol for position
  • Name - Name of stock, bond, etc
  • Currency - Trading currency of stock, bond, etc
  • Date - Date of trade / transaction
  • Type - Type of trade / transaction
  • Quantity - Quantity of trade
  • Price - Price of trade
  • Fee - Fee of trade
  • Exrate - Exchange Rate of currencies in trade
  • Service - Name of online quote service for stock, bond, etc
  • Sector
  • Industry
Your data may be overwritten during this process and can not be recovered. Please make sure you have a backup before importing data.

Import File