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    Learn more about our iPad version with it's customizable interface and jam packed feature set or visit us in the App Store.

    Learn more about the multiple versions of Portfolio mobile for iPhone. Try our 30 day trial version or purchase an ad-free version from the AppStore.

    Visit us on Google Play to learn more about our Android version supporting Android 2.1 and up.

Portfolio mobile is the most comprehensive investment portfolio management solution available. If you’re looking for cross platform support, handling of diverse security types, support for foreign trading and responsive customer support, then look no further. You won’t find a better solution anywhere.

Unlike other apps, ours tracks your actual trade history, computing basis, market value and P&L in real time. You’ll be presented with impressive charts that visualize the market value of your holdings over time and compare performance to major market indices. Focus on specific stocks to see annualized return (IRR) or view aggregate performance metrics across custom position groups. With support for tracking stock sectors and industries, you’ll get charts that show exactly how your holdings are distributed in the market and where you should focus your next rebalance.

We do more than just Yahoo! All of our apps support a long list of online services for retrieving quote data. That means we have more thorough coverage of all markets than any other app available. If you’re a news person, then add all of your RSS compatible feeds for up to the minute news. And for the techies in the group, construct your own custom technical chart templates from over a dozen technical indicators and easily apply them to your stocks.

Data entry is a pain that’s why we have multiple methods for getting your data into our apps. We’re the only app that supports Open Financial eXchange (OFX) so that you can download your recent activity direct from your broker with minimal effort (only available for supported brokers). And for those pesky problems of backdated trades, we’ve got CSV / Excel import and export functionality built into our web portal and Mac app.

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